Community based crime stoppers organizations in Canada

There are many community-based organizations and associations in Canada, among which the Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers, BC Crime Stoppers, Winnipeg Crime Stoppers, and others.

Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers

The association offers programs in Northern, South Eastern, South Central, and South Western Ontario. Programs include the Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers, Renfrew County Crime Stoppers, and others. The main goal of the association is to fight crime in close cooperation with the media and police. The association was founded in 1991 and organizes different events, including outreach activities, monthly meetings, and an annual conference. It has been awarded a number of awards, among which the Best Print Feature Award, Community Service Award, Gary Murphy Award of Excellence.

BC Crime Stoppers

Founded in 1994, the BC Crime Stoppers Society is an umbrella organization for different community-based programs. They work with the police, media, and citizens to fight crime and ensure that their communities are safe and crime-free. Multi-language translation services are available in 115 languages for tipsters who speak languages other than English.

Winnipeg Crime Stoppers

Founded back in 1984, the program receives tips by text message, WebTips, and over the phone and works with the media, police, and general public. Cash awards are available for information that helps seize narcotic substances, recover stolen items, and arrest convicts who have committed criminal offences. The main goal is to solve and fight crime in neighborhoods, city areas, homes, schools, office buildings, businesses, and elsewhere. Winnipeg Crime Stoppers receives donations by board members, social and civic groups, organizations, clubs, retailers, companies, and citizens. The program is tasked with award disbursement, procedures and policies development, and fundraising. Campaigns and special events are organized to raise funds throughout the year.

Near North Crime Stoppers

Near North Crime Stoppers works to solve crime with the help of individuals who anonymously provide information about criminal offences. Cash awards are available. The organization helped seize narcotic substances worth more than $51 million, property worth over $4 million, and a total of 246 weapons. The number of cases cleared is 2,658, resulting in 1,288 charges filed against offenders and a total of 1,625 arrests. Members of the Board are tasked with offering assistance and advice, participating in different community functions and fundraising events, and other activities.

Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers

The program works as a medium that allows tipsters to anonymously report criminal activities and information about missing and wanted persons. The program has many sponsors, among which Fisher Wavy, CTV, Crosstown Chevrolet Buick Cadillac GMC, Caruso Club, Bob's Service Centre, and many others. When it comes to solved cases, Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers helped recover narcotic substances and property worth close to $47 million and approved awards worth close to $650,000. The number of cases cleared is 3,906 which resulted in 3459 arrests. With more than 30,000 tips received, the program helped locate 384 fugitives and seize 191 weapons. The program also publishes information about wanted suspects who have committed different offences, including use of forged documents and fraud, use of stolen credit cards, theft of merchandise, and others. There is a list of missing persons as well, including their last known location.

Other organizations and programs in Canada include Calgary Crime Stoppers, Crime Stoppers Hamilton, and Crime Stoppers of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Private security services in Canada

Private security services are in demand in Canada and other places around the world, with rising levels of crime and threat of terrorism. Security guards help protect customers against arson, burglary, robbery, battery, assault, solicitation, and other forms of crime. If you plan to start a security business in Canada, you will need to check whether you need permits and certifications to operate on the territory of your province or territory. You will also need equipment, financing, and a good business plan to apply for a loan unless you plan to self-finance your start-up.

Permits and Certifications

The types of permits and licenses required depend on the services offered. If you want to contract for the Canadian government, for example, then you have to employ security officers who have a valid driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, or another form of identification. To qualify, it is best to choose persons of trust. Even if you do not plan on contracting for the government, your security guards must be permanent residents or Canadian citizens who have a security guard license and clean criminal record. Training courses are offered in private and public colleges and public universities. Courses cover a number of topics, including use of force, effective communication, legal authorities, the legal system, report writing, security procedures, and many others. If you plan on offering private investigation services, the list of covered topics also includes ethical reasoning, investigative techniques, civil and criminal law, federal and provincial legislation and statutes.


You will need gear and equipment such as defense equipment, two-way radios, flashlights, high-visibility clothing /uniforms/, bullet-proof vests, pepper sprays, security guard batons, first aid kits.

Business Plan

The next step is to come up with a sound business plan for your security business. List your mission and objectives, for example, protecting customers at events, conferences, and festivals and in facilities, buildings, and office buildings. Mention the forms of crime your officers have experience with, including embezzlement, abduction, robbery, hate crime, antisocial behavior, burglary, etc. Other sections and details to cover in your business plan include your start-up expenses and requirements, business and market analysis, and services offered. List the services offered, for example, investigative services, office building and retail security, industrial and manufacturing security, and special events and campus grounds security. Other services include security officer and firearm training, emergency management, pre-employment screening, and personal protection services. The list of security guard services also includes transportation security, regulatory compliance, security consultations, and unarmed and armed guards.

Sources of Financing for Your Security Business

The main sources of financing for your start-up are private loan providers, self-financing, credit (, and government loans and grants. Other forms of financing include wage subsidies, venture capital, tax credits, etc. Businesses based in Quebec, for example, are free to apply for a repayable contribution and cover the cost of marketing, technology, productivity, starting a business, etc. A business loan under the Canada Small Business Financing Program is a second option to consider if you plan to make capital purchases. Loans for young entrepreneurs are also available under the Futurpreneur Canada Start-Up Program. Funding is offered to start-up businesses in the amount of up to $15,000. Applicants are asked to provide supporting documents, including their cashflow and a comprehensive business plan. A loan by a credit union, caisses populaire, or bank is another option to look into, and many financial institutions offer loans with floating and fixed rates. Other options include business and operating lines of credit, business credit cards ( ), commercial mortgages, microcredit, and commercial term loans. You may want to check with business incubators as well. Thanks to our sponsor: